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US Constitution Discussion Index

Post by Martin Blank » Mon Aug 25, 2003 3:49 pm

The Constitution threads have not been getting the attention for which I had hoped, so I'm going to follow Fixer's suggestion and post this sticky index for them, with brief summaries of the topics. I am also going to start adding what I hope will be provocative notes or questions to follow the original posts containing the Constitution segments quoted. Those linked have been posted; those not linked will be posted according to the normal Monday/Friday posting schedule.

Legislative Branch Executive Branch
  • Part 07: Article II, Section 1
    Election of the President; Qualifications; Filling the Office on Death, Resignation, or Disability; Compensation; Oath or Affirmation of Office
  • Part 08: Article II, Sections 2, 3, & 4
    President as Commander in Chief; Power to Make Treaties; Appointment of Others to Public Office; State of the Union; Removal from Office
Judicial Branch
  • Part 09: Article III
    Judiciary; Terms and Compensation; Powers of the Judiciary; Trial by Jury; Definition and Punishment of Treason
States & Obligations
  • Part 10: Article IV
    Equality of States; Equal Rights Among Citizens of All States; Extradition; Congress Regulates Territories; All States Guaranteed Republican Form of Government, Protection from Invasion and Insurrection
  • Part 11: Article V, Article VI, & Article VII
    Amending the Constitution; Past Debts & Treaties Valid; Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land; Oath or Affirmation of Office; Ratification
Bill of Rights Additional Amendments
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