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Just thought I would post to say hello. I’m a long time reader of the comic but since the resurrection last year it has become more relevant to me. I have known for years that my eldest son is not ‘normal’ (whatever the hell that is) but beyond trying to be supportive have left it to him to tell me what he wants/needs.

This year he has admitted (not sure that’s the right word really) that he is trans. I will be the first to admit that I don’t really understand the concept of gender identity/dysmorphia but I am prepared to accept that’s probably a reflection of my generation and the fact that as far as diversity goes I tick no boxes as a straight, white, male. I’ve explained to him that I will be as supportive as I can but if I get it wrong it’s from ignorance, mistake or a failed attempt at humour rather than anything malicious. I still use ‘him’ and ‘son’ as he is not yet ready to be fully ‘out’ although he has started gamete storage and has his first prescription for hormone treatment so I expect this to change soon.

In all this is a rather longwinded way of saying that seeing Greg change to Mae, albeit in a comic, has helped me to see at least a small part of what my lad is going through and I hope that will make it easier me to give the support that is likely to be needed.

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