2020-12-22 - Before we had these realisations

Talk about today's strip, or anything about the comic in general. You can also talk about any of the characters... but don't expect a response. They're FICTIONAL, you guys... sheesh. :)
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2020-12-22 - Before we had these realisations

Post by nosystemd » Wed Dec 23, 2020 2:00 am

I don't know if I'm breaking an unwritten rule of this subforum now, but I will start with the following disclaimers:

1. I already know Liz is exaggerated, rather than constantly harping on Mae. It's been funnier that way, since 50's sitcom television.

2. I wouldn't be surprised if Mae is similarly exaggerated (then again, I don't simply presume she is...)

We have seen this sort of thing recently, yes? When Mae was painting Parker's room.

I know this is a comedy, but I wonder if this sort of after-the-fact communication would happen less if Mae didn't rush into such projects with guns blazing...

What I'm not saying is that I could do better in my relationships. If it didn't already occur to me that "__ would rather help with this than have it done" I'm the sort of person who might put a tree up entirely on my own, as a surprise. Thankfully I know better than that, but otherwise it's the sort of thing I might do.

Also I think Mae had the opposite reaction with the shelving. "Oh! I get to do more" (and buy more tools for it) was a different theme altogether.

Note that one occasion where Actual Liz was defended was when Mae was building those theatre sets, so we pretty much know this bit is going to come up again.

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Re: 2020-12-22 - Before we had these realisations

Post by BigDamnHero » Wed Dec 23, 2020 3:19 am

This is how my relationship works too. I just want to get started on things, and I tend to forget to plan or account for things beforehand.

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Re: 2020-12-22 - Before we had these realisations

Post by Martin Blank » Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:30 am

With a LOT of years of experience (and maybe a comic or two of personal mention), I can say that Mae really does take from real life when she creates most of her comics. I've read several comics where I was present and pretty much verbatim quotes were presented. Mae's experiences really do translate more or less directly to the comic.
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