Real Life Forums Rules as of Aug 2, 2020

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Real Life Forums Rules as of Aug 2, 2020

Post by Martin Blank » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:23 pm

Welcome to everyone. The rules contained herein are not meant to be comprehensive. There's simply no way to cover every case, so admins and moderators of Real Life Forums may act on things not specifically covered by these rules in order to preserve the harmony of the board and remove disruptive behavior.

Try to not take anything you read personally. We probably don't know you, and you likely don't know us, so what you read as an insult may not have been intended as such, and if it was, getting mad isn't going to change much.

With that said, here are the basic rules we live by.
  • This is a forum related to Real Life Comics. If you discovered this site from an internet search or someone pointed you here, you're welcome to stay provided that you understand this simple point. If you read and understand the rest of this post and are willing to abide by community standards, then you will be accepted by the community.
  • Real Life Forums does not tolerate hate. You know what we mean, and if you want to argue about it or nitpick it, your stay will be short. (If you have honest questions, we welcome them. Sending a PM can minimize misunderstandings.) Keep it civil and things will be fine. Apologize and edit if something comes out wrong.
  • The best way to become involved with Real Life Forums is to conduct yourself with a modicum of civility and politeness. Trolling, excessive swearing, and the like are frowned upon. If you quote something extensively, provide a reference, as plagiarism is not condoned. If you're new here, please make any introductory posts in our introduction forum, Getting to Know You.
  • Use the reporting feature (present on every post) when you see a post or a thread that you think breaks the rules or needs to be moved. A member of Management will tend to it soon enough. Don't try your hand at backseat moderation, and don't post in obvious spamming threads.
  • Please use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, or at least make a healthy attempt to do so. This includes spelling out words such as "are," "you," and "{c|sh|w}ould," and knowing the difference between lose and loose as well as wary and weary. The community does not suffer well those who use shorthand. On the other hand, don't pointlessly nitpick the grammar of others.
  • No advertising, pornography, hentai, nudity, warez, cracks, hacks, or serial numbers.
  • We have a spoiler tag for content spoilers, or anything else that should be hidden from immediate view. Please be courteous to others.
  • Obey management, which includes any Moderator. If you disagree with something, take it up with the Moderator or an Administrator in PM. The Staff are the sole arbiters of what falls within community standards, and so may act on things not specifically covered by these rules in order to preserve the harmony of the community and remove disruptive behavior.
Technical Points
  • Accounts not activated within seven days are subject to deletion. Accounts are sometimes selected for removal if it's clear they've never really been used. If you registered in 2009, logged in once, and now can't find your account, that's probably what happened.
  • Avatars must be 100x100 pixels or smaller, and no more than 100KB (102,400 bytes) in size. They may be uploaded to the forum through your profile or linked remotely.
  • Signature rules:
    • 300KB maximum total image size
    • 600 pixel maximum total image width
    • 150 pixel maximum total image height
    • 500 character maximum
    • Moderator discretion on total sig height
    "Maximum total image" means the total of all images as displayed. You can have them side by side, or top and bottom, as long as the total sizes do not exceed the numbers listed. Those found with signatures outside of these bounds will be given two days to make changes, after which the sig will be edited to remove the offending portion. Signatures significantly outside of the rules may be edited on sight.
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