Does Godot exist?

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Martin Blank
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Does Godot exist?

Post by Martin Blank » Sat Jun 13, 2020 11:02 am

The question came out of a YouTube video of Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart.

Having watched the 2001 version, I've come to the conclusion that Godot is a legend, an illusion, an allegory of the unseen superior, holding power but never seen. His underlings do his bidding because their boss's boss's boss has bade them so, but no one has ever seen them. Capitalist, socialist, communist, the superior requires of the inferior, for what the latter knows not. Vladimir and Estragon, at the bidding of the unseen master, a metaphor for the lower class perennially waiting for instruction from the upper class and, ultimately, as capable of handling this world than they, which is to say, no more capable, because an illusion cannot control reality, even though we try to force it and therefore divorce ourselves of the responsibility of overseeing our own reality.
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Eidoception eluding buchaltery.

Post by Seannery » Fri Sep 25, 2020 2:25 am

Godot manifests our servile desires for slivers of hope towards another. Each has---some so far as say is, but I have yet not seen how I and you can both be, or why await---one's own Godot awaiting return despite---ostensibly Godot's---various agents' instructions vice versa. An abstracted figure by whom much understanding despite little knowledge is.
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