Probably FIXED: Can't get to previous comic

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Probably FIXED: Can't get to previous comic

Post by nosystemd » Fri Feb 22, 2019 11:19 pm

So the archive feature and the previous/next feature aren't working. Using a Mozilla clone, but either way I don't think this is all JS to blame, I'm guessing part of it is server code.

When it was just finicky I figured I would just wait for it to fix itself. Now that the only comic I can get to from 2019 is to--

Wait, nope: ... ry-15-2019

Bit of url fiddling and the archive is back. Sort of.

So actually, I can get to the comics I want, but there's a possibility that some people only can if they manipulate the url. But either way I thought it was worth mentioning at this point.

Not working: back / forward arrow keys (They worked in the older archives)

Not working: previous / next arrows on the right side of the comic (They worked before too)

Not working: calendar (s'why I think it's the server. Pretty sure JS isn't the reason the calendar says 2018.)

Details for clarity-- I code a bit, I at least try to provide the relevant data the first time.
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Re: Can't get to previous comic

Post by Deacon » Sat Feb 23, 2019 6:00 am

Seems to work for me on mobile Safari, current iOS 12.1.4. “Previous” button works and so does the calendar.
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Re: Can't get to previous comic

Post by nosystemd » Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:45 pm

What's odd is that it worked fine until the strip came back for 2019. I know the urls went through a sequential phase in the archives, then one day switched to month-dd-yyyy, but after strip was truly abandoned/went on hiatus (it all happened, including the return, before I started reading the full archives) the behavior of next/previous got wonky.

If it works fine on ios, then maybe there is a weird JS issue. <- the url I'm loading. <- screencap

Now the double sidebar, that's completely new. Like today. Not even what I opened the thread about, not even worried about it. Rather, I wanted to capture the part where it say "September 10 2018" as it's done that for a while now (presumably since I surpassed that date in the archives.)

I was sure that was a server issue (my own PC clock says it is Feb 2019, if you're thinking it's an issue with the hwc) though if we can rule that out, I'll look at the JS and try to find anything peculiar.

Not having problems with any other websites, not sure how the calendar could do this to just me, I'll check it out though and get back to you when I've tried to find the cause. Of course I'll check the thread for replies too, but until I've looked at the JS I'm not sure what the deal is.

Naturally, I'm still enjoying the comic-- this one in particular was pretty funny. My favourite part was that Mom was trying to usher everyone away, but Harper is still looking back, watching Dad. The part about Thanos got me first.


Ok, new information: If you go to the calendar works properly and if you click back, the functionality seems to be working (for now.) I was going to, and that's also where goes when you click previous, but with more data in the url.

So going to which takes you to GOOD, going directly to BAD. Technically I was visiting the comic from the wrong URL. That's why this problem. I think. Will update if this doesn't fix it.


I'm probably the only person this has happened to, and only because I started with the archives before reading the rest of the comic, but if you want over-engineer the comic.php page to prevent this, something like this should work:

Find this part of comic.php:

Code: Select all

$("body").keydown(function(e) {
  if(e.which == 37) { // left     
      $(".previous a").trigger("click");
  else if(e.which == 39) { // right     
      $(".next a").trigger("click");
And add something like this to the top:

Code: Select all

wl = window.location; 
if (wl.indexOf("comic=") < 0) { 
window.location=""; }
I'd understand not adding it though, if it didn't work on every browser it could actually break the archives for more people than it fixed-- when the simple solution would just be "go to the top url of the website."

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