This is why I can't do business with Amazon

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This is why I can't do business with Amazon

Post by nosystemd » Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:34 pm

Actually I was a happy Amazon customer until they did e-books. The idea of a future where publishers control access to books after their purchase isn't something I can support, I've actually boycotted Amazon for years.

I think we need an alternative: ... nd-arrests

Unfortunately the alternative will probably be robots instead of workers, since the only things that scale to their demands are robots and mistreated human workers. Disputed, but this kind of story keeps coming up-- I first read about it years ago. I do think a robot workforce is inevitable, I'm not excited about it, but this isn't how workers should be treated. The human workforce is broken, and it has always had major problems since the industrial revolution (or since Rome at the very least, but really longer.)

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