Fairness of liberty

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Fairness of liberty

Post by Deacon » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:20 pm

I was just thinking about this a few minutes ago and decided that all it takes to topple liberty is to establish "fairness" as a right and then shift its definition from equal opportunity to equal results.

Many try to retroactively rationalize doing so, saying that you can't truly be free if you're not economically independent. As maddening and misguided as that is, it makes me wonder how they can also then avoid declaring any of the various communist states as the most free.

Yes, some people would like to do things with their time that have little or no economic value. If they can find a way to do so, then more power to them. It used to be that those who were economically successful were patrons of the arts, financially supporting artists either directly or by purchasing their products at often inflated rates. These days we expect the middle class to do it by increasing the national debt for government grants. When half of all households pay no income tax whatsoever, in the name of squabbling over how much of someone's earnings the politicians can seize in the name of the government's "fair share" and insisting its only "fair" that half the country play with house money and that it's not "fair" that people have to pay for their education (another sector politicians have broken) and that it's "unfair" that your neighbor isn't paying for your diebetes prescriptions and rascal scooter, then we have lost sight of what fairness means. And we invite the exchange of liberty for the nebulous notion of unearned comfort.
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Re: Fairness of liberty

Post by NorthernComfort » Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:05 pm

The trouble is, using liberty in the totally abstract nature of the term is pretty much meaningless, and pretty much impossible to dissect further.

Fairness is subjective and I think everybody gets that it's not a right. From your parent telling you that life isn't fair, to the Rolling Stones telling you that you can't always get what you want, everybody grows up and figures this out. Shit ain't fair and never will be.

I've never heard anybody advocate a definition of fairness that included equal results... maybe middle schoolers learning about socialism for the first idea understand it in those terms? But anybody with a head on their shoulders and a bit of life experience under their belt would chuckle at the notion.

Reminds me of the Buckley/Vidal debates, one of my favorite exchanges, "Unless you have freedom to be unequal, there is no such thing as freedom."

I don't really know anybody these days who thinks otherwise, but then again I don't hang out with communists.
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