Pro-gaming: StarCraft II

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Pro-gaming: StarCraft II

Post by BtEO » Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:16 pm

I know a few people here play StarCraft II to some extent, but I don't know if many follow any of the tournaments (heck, I don't much really) but if you have even a passing knowledge of SCII mechanics you can find some fantastic games from Scarlett's recent World Championship Series run.

The PA Report helpfully collected together the streams and while there's quite a lot to watch I would highly recommend it if you want some great games — especially (even though it's nearly 2 hours long) the Scarlett vs. Bomber match — but her demolition of Maru is a masterclass as well.

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Re: Pro-gaming: StarCraft II

Post by Gowerlypuff » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:00 am

Scarlett's mechanics and thought processes are amazing, but her Posture is terrible. This is partly why she's taking a break now (her play style/sitting position has ruined her wrists).
We (some of TLO's friends/mods) tried to get her to talk to TLO about her wrists (TLO had the same problem and fixed it by training and posture changes). Not too much success, though.
It's weird. The Korean way of dealing with Carpel Tunnel/Tendonitis is just straight up surgery, which seems counter productive when simple lifestyle/training changes can fix it for you. Scary stuff.
Scarlett puts a lot of effort into her play and she's nearly always either playing or on engaging with her fan club or posting about the game she has been or will be playing. It's great to see the gamers being active in the communities that support them.
I follow as many of the tournaments as I can. Before I moved desk I had a good enough connection to listen to them while I worked. No such luck now.
I went to Dreamhack Stockholm this year and entered (because a competitor ticket was all of $5 more than a spectator ticket and then I got free soda and seating in the players' area), and it's definitely a fantastic experience.
Sloth: Am I a year behind already?
February was some lyrics or quotes month or something. I don't even remember what year all this was.

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