New Guidelines for Forum Netiquette

General news, rules, and information about the forum, the IRC (chat) channel, and maybe a few extra things beside. If you're new to the forums, please come here first.
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New Guidelines for Forum Netiquette

Post by Lizzegirle » Wed Apr 01, 2009 11:58 pm

Any user who does not read this document in its entirety will be banned.
All users should be aware that there may be a test.


*Failure to abide by Official Rules will result in immediate banning. *

1) Discourtesy will not be tolerated.
2) Spam - just don't.
3) All complaints and 'shit talking' must be presented in the form of a freestyle rap.
4) All who complain about the stupidity of others in a manner that indicates their own innate stupidity will be summarily banned.
5) Suck-ups and those who presume to tell the Moderators who to ban will themselves be banned.
6) Topics of extreme distaste subject the poster and respondents to banning.
7) This message board is NOT a chat room, please treat it as such.

General suckage is a common reason for banning. All users must familiarize themselves with these rules to avoid suckage and consequent banning.


1) Posts must be of a fully grammatically correct nature, and must also contain proper standardized English spelling, capitalization and punctuation. Those who repeatedly prove themselves fundamentally incapable of using proper English grammar and spelling will be banned as a result.

2) All are implored to use appropriate texts in assistance, e.g., dictionaries and thesauruses. Pay particular attention to differences in homonyms (they're vs. their vs. there), and to the proper use of 'who' and 'whom.'
Similarly, words should be thoroughly researched so as to avoid the creation of nonexistent words in replacement of a preexisting equal.

3. ???



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