How I (think I) found Real Life, among other things...

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How I (think I) found Real Life, among other things...

Post by antoniotyler13 » Sun Mar 09, 2003 2:12 am

Hi there. I remember I started reading Real Life about a year ago. I clearly remember that the first webcomic I read was PvP, which I know doesn't have a Real Life link. But somehow I ended up reading it. Here's several theories:

1. From PvP, I found a link to Penny Arcade. From there I went to MegaTokyo (which has occasionally be mention in their newsposts). Going through the MegaTokyo archives, I found the Guest Comic that Greg did, and thus found my way to Real Life. (Very Possible)

2. After reading PvP, did a search on google for 'online comics,' found Keenspot, thus found Real Life (Slightly Possible)

3. Saw a friend reading Real Life. (Probably what happened)

I wish I could remember, but I've SEVERELY cut my caffeine intake.

I'm not really a newbie. I was at the old forums (under a different name) but was the victim of some harsh n00b bashing (it was my fault for being a stupid n00b, but it turned me off from forums for awhile).

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