Introducing the man called Hansworth_boy

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Introducing the man called Hansworth_boy

Post by Handsworth_boy » Sun Mar 02, 2003 11:18 pm

Hello freinds, I hail from Handsworth in Birmingham (no, not Alabama, England, ENGERLAND!) I came across Real Life when I first 'discovered' web comics, and I was browsing through Keenspot Comics or somewhere, and it seemed mildly interesting, REAL life, dealing with things that interest me, like time travel. I have read it pretty regular since then.
Anyways, I love smoking, porn, a WIDE spectrum of music but reggae kicks arse, driving like a bastard but safely, arguing, and taking it easy.
Interesting fact about me: a 'masseuse' (ahem) once said I was weird. SHE was the one going down on me with a johnny on! The nerve of some people...
Take it easy and with love...
"What we wear is dangerous gear, gets you picked on anywhere. Though we get beat up we dont care, at least it brightens up the air..." - Joe Strummer RIP

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