my real life experience

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my real life experience

Post by merkobman » Wed Feb 19, 2003 1:07 pm

i found reallife at a friends home. He had reallife as startpage so i was like "what is this" he said is was funny. so i started from the begining.
i put all my sparetime in reallifecomics even in school. If we had an free hour i would rush to the school libary where the computers stood. ofcourse it was forbidden to go to pages that wern't school-related so one day i was typing the URL and I got a big ACCES DENIED in my face. So real life comics is not accepted on my old school it sad but true. so there was no reason to go to the schoollibary since then.
but anyhow i contineud reading and just a week or 2 ago i started over again because i was so bored on my job i finished in less then a week and i got paid for it :D
I like the comics so bad because some of the things i read i can relate to I also onces had the dream of collecting all the gameconsoles but i just don't have the money.
in any case i hope they go on for a long time and if i ever collect enough money to make a road trip through amarica sacramento will be on my list

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Post by furre » Wed Feb 19, 2003 1:36 pm

Why on earth would a school not encourage their students to read Reallife? It's education dammit!

Well, sort of.
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