Hello from France!

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Hello from France!

Post by EdenLegaia » Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:41 pm

Hello everyone! I'm EdenLegaia, a shy french reader who finally decided to introduce himself. Because i want Greg Dean to know that YES, there are French who actually read his comic. And who like it, of course.

As i said, i'm shy. I'll just tell you i'm actually a Manga Lover, Coca Vanilla Addict (You won't hurt me.....you certainly DONT WANT TO!) and....oh well, that's enough about me for now.

Just you know i'll continue to read for years and years, if the comic's still here. Too good to be ended until a loooooong time, heh?^^

(Poor English Language Detected? Blame me thousand times 'cause it won't stop that easily.)

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