2014-07-10 Sailor Moon Crystal

Talk about today's strip, or anything about the comic in general. You can also talk about any of the characters... but don't expect a response. They're FICTIONAL, you guys... sheesh. :)
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2014-07-10 Sailor Moon Crystal

Post by zaitcev » Thu Jul 10, 2014 9:40 pm

From what I saw Chris Fritz post at The Pink Sylphide, the Crystal is a fairly straight reboot of the original. Not an exact copy like DBZ Kai, but could be not a free-hand remake like Kanon 2006.
http://thepinksylphide.com/2014/07/05/s ... comparison

Being a grown man, I do not follow girl media in general, but I observed that the biggest revolution in recent anime, the idol anime, makes a big nod to girls. The Idolmaster TV started it somewhat subtly, with things like Haruka's fan in the final arc. Then AKB0048 had a little girl come into handshake event, and had a younger main cast composition. For 2015, however, we have an iM@S Cinderella Girls slated for almost cynical exploitation of, well, cinderella complex. All this is different from the usuall "be a princess" and magical girl genre (I mean the evergreen Pretty Cure, Shugo Chara, and such).

In short, we used to have media dedicated largely to girls, and now girls are welcome to more general genres. At least that's the positioning. I am not sure if they are falling for it.

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