Has streaming cracked the last hold of cable?

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Re: Has streaming cracked the last hold of cable?

Post by Martin Blank » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:33 pm

The Cid wrote:
Martin Blank wrote:I don't have an issue with advertising showing (or else I wouldn't watch more Hulu+ than Netflix), but I don't want the same amount.
That's fine, just know that you may have to pay eventually for content with minimal advertising. The content generators need to make their money regardless of how their programming is being viewed.
I do pay for content with minimal advertising. I get Hulu+ for $8 or $9 a month (I don't remember exactly how much). Netflix is, I think, masking the costs of streaming within the costs for sending DVDs.
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Re: Has streaming cracked the last hold of cable?

Post by Gowerlypuff » Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:47 pm

Games Streaming has a two-tier (well, kind of) structure.

Twitch is the biggest (and, at the moment, only) streaming system out there that people regularly use.
The Streamers themselves decide when they show commercials.
Anyone that watches a commercial generates revenue for the streamer.

Now, Twitch have recently released Turbo. This costs $9 a month and stops you seeing the commercials on any stream you watch. However, the streamer will still receive the ad revenue as if you had.

On top of that, channels can apply for subscriptions. A user can subscribe on a per channel basis.
When you subscribe I believe, again, you don't see the commercials. Streamers can also do things such as set the chat to subscriber only and generally provide other incentives to subscribing.

Personally, I think this extra level of freedom for how viewers see streams is important. Being able to choose to watch for free with ads, or to subscribe to a channel to not see them, or even to subscribe to Twitch to skip them all together is a big step forward in how people receive their content.

In the UK, our younger years were brought up on the BBC. With this, you pay for a television license. This money mainly goes to the BBC. The BBC in the UK do not show commercials.

So, to me, it has always seemed crazy that you pay for a subscription to a service to watch Television and then are shown commercials on top of that.

As streaming services like Twitch continue to expand and the technology and bandwidth continue to improve to allow people to receive this kind of streaming content in future, I continue to hope that attitudes will change. Big, emcompassing packages of content will die out and people will be able to pick and choose what they watch and how they watch it.
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