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Post by Deacon » Thu Mar 17, 2016 6:46 pm

I was thinking about this BBC article on Hong Kong independence: ... CID=fbasia

In it, Qiao Xiaoyang, head of China's parliamentary law committee, denounced the notion of Hong Kong ever being granted its independence. He called it impossible and asked, incredulous, "How can Hong Kong ever be independent?" Put more plainly, how can anyone ever believe China would relinquish its rule over Hong Kong? It has a clear track record of being hostile to independence and freedom wherever it finds it.

It's so sad. The authoritarian Chinese government will eventually be the cause of WW-III. One day their empire building will result in something bigger than the nickel and dime nastiness that it's been involved in, they will brutally crush dissent in occupied territories like Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and eventually the rest of the world will have to step in. If these guys think a horrific dictator is doing such a great job of total authoritarian oppression in North Korea that they continue to prop him up and block his people from getting outside help, what makes anyone think they won't go beyond the ruthless control they already impose on their own people?

It's a global economy. Chinese labor isn't the only cheap source around and isn't always the cheapest, for that matter. But the Chinese government aims to own the US from within, and so it leverages its poor masses with complicit policies, paving the way to buying American business and hundreds of billions of US debt and currency. While it's an oppressive authoritarian state, it's not dumb. It's playing a long and deadly game, reaching slowly to create and then take hold of America's leash. And the American public, too shallow and thoughtless and distracted to notice or care, continues to reward businesses that crawl into bed with Chinese labor. It's impossible to avoid even if you are a very conscientious American consumer.

Eventually China will hold an even firmer grip on America's leash, and it's empire building and brash power grabs in the Pacific, South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, Southeast Asia, and beyond will continue unabated lest the American public become disgruntled at having to pay a little more for their various pacifiers.
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