IRC Rules and FAQ

General news, rules, and information about the forum, the IRC (chat) channel, and maybe a few extra things beside. If you're new to the forums, please come here first.
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IRC Rules and FAQ

Post by Martin Blank » Sun Dec 13, 2009 2:14 pm

The Rules of the Land of #reallife on MagicStar:
  1. Anyone banned on the Real Life Forums is banned in the #RealLife chatroom. No exceptions.
  2. Do not /ignore the ops. Similarly, ops may not /ignore any users.

    Consequences: One week / Two weeks / Permanent
  3. Trolls and spammers are frowned upon. If trolling/spamming gets out of hand, the offender will be dealt with.

    Consequences: One hour / One day / One week / Two weeks / One month / Permanent
  4. There will be no sexual harassment or derogatory speech whatsoever. None. If you feel you are being sexually harassed or see someone using racist speech, tell the person; if they continue, tell one of the ops.

    Consequences: One day / Two weeks / Permanent
  5. Swearing is permitted, but excessive swearing is frowned upon. Please don't <censored> swear all the time you <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored>! :)

    Consequences: One hour / One day / One week, permanence to be discussed case-by-case
  6. There will be no disruptive use of IRC scripts. An occasional WinAmp or Half-Life script is OK, but if they start getting repetitive, or start disrupting conversation, you will be asked to turn them off.

    Consequences: One hour (ten minutes if AFK, long enough to block most auto-rejoins) / One day / One week, permanence to be discussed case-by-case
  7. Disruptive behavior (which may include abuse of bot commands) is not welcome and may result in disciplinary action ranging from kicks to outright bans.

    Consequences: One hour / One day / One week, permanence to be discussed case-by-case
  8. Discussion of warez is prohibited.

    Consequences: One hour / One day / One week, permanence to be discussed case-by-case
  9. Pornographic material of ANY kind is not permitted. It's not only a channel rule but it's also a rule strictly enforced by Real Life Forums.

    Inadvertent: One day / One week
    Intentional: One week / Two weeks / One month / Permanent
  10. Stealing other peoples nicknames, or creating any disturbances using other peoples nicks or variations of them without their explicit permission will result in being kicked or, if the situation applies, banned.

    Consequences: One hour / One day / One week
  11. Please do not ask for Ops. We have enough ops as it is. If they are needed, and the time is right, an invitation will be extended to a valued, balanced member of the channel regulars. Our current Ops are
    • Martin Blank (Channel Founder)
    • bagheadinc
  12. You are free to contact the ops with any problems, questions, or comments you feel are important, and we will give them careful consideration, but the ops ALWAYS have the last say. You may not think the final decision fair, but that's the way it is.
  13. Have fun. That's what its all about.
Consequences listed are ban lengths following any warnings or kicks deemed necessary by ops present. Some activity may result in a ban without warning.

Chatroom Courtesies:
  1. Be kind and courteous to the other chatters.
  2. Have confidence in yourself. Don’t be afraid to make a suggestion or comment, but please use some discretion.
  3. Help out with the community, be contributive. Outgoing community members are widely appreciated and allow the ops to do a better job.
  4. Don't start fights! Although disagreements with the other chatters are allowed, and in some cases encouraged, keep it clean. Don't use foul language and try to keep your opinions positive. Fights are extremely disruptive to the chatroom activities and cause more problems than they solve. If a fight happens to break out, please contact an op; don’t involve yourself in it. It only makes it more difficult for an op to break it up.
  5. Most importantly, have fun! It’s not only good for yourself, but it allows your fellow chatters to have a better time and enjoy themselves more.
We also advise checking out the server rules (accessible from within the server by entering the command /rules) to be aware of their limitations as well.

How to get to #reallife:

Using an IRC program, go to the MagicStar server (, if it's not in your list), and enter channel #reallife.
Some of the more common IRC apps:
  • For Windows users, the most popular IRC program is mIRC. HydraIRC is an open-source option for Windows, and Silverex is an unofficial port of X-Chat for Windows (note that this may require additional software to be installed).
  • For Macintosh users, Ircle is perhaps the most popular; Snak is also available. XChatAqua provides a native compile of X-Chat geared specifically for the OSX environment.
  • For Linux, the most common is X-Chat, though many others are also available.
Generally speaking, the ops prefer a hands-off policy to strict enforcement of the rules with regard to channel activities. For example, moderate swearing is allowed, and some bickering will come up from time to time that has passed the debate line, but will often solve itself without getting too out of hand. From time to time, a gentle warning to all involved parties may come up from one or more of the ops.

When things get out of hand, there is a general policy of discipline followed by the ops: two public warnings, one private warning, kick, then a kick-ban. This ban may be temporary (few minutes to few hours), depending on the decision of the banning op. Particularly serious violations may result in a permanent ban after consultation with other ops. Furthermore, this normal chain of action may be short-circuited at any time by an op, even moving directly to a kick-ban if necessary.

Final Notes:
A lot of people come into the channel; some stay for a little while and talk, and others poke their head in only every once in a while. Some people are talkative, and some very quiet. Some people are nicer, and others are a little more aggressive. We have all kinds of people, just like the real world, and we ask that you respect the thoughts, beliefs, and opinions of others, as we ask them to respect yours.

We welcome everyone who wishes to contribute to the Real Life community to join in the fun. :)
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