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Post by ampersand » Tue Feb 26, 2013 4:56 am

As I sat down at Sinju I had reflected on my weekend.

First was the high of getting involved with a program at work to essentially learn to be a supervisor. I'd like to see whether I had what it took to be a manager, and at the very least have it listed on my resume when the time came. Then came the disappointment of losing my keys and having to spend the weekend trapped at work. Searched everywhere, had to get a locksmith to unlock my car, couldn't find the keys in car. Ended up spending three nights at a Extended Stay hotel just next door to work.

Worked Saturday and felt delirious because I didn't have time Friday evening to take a shower by the time I was done searching at 2 am. Saturday was also the day I learned a cousin had died. She was 19 and while I wasn't remotely close to her, my sister was. She wanted to become a veterinarian and had even volunteered as a snake charmer for at least two years at the renowned Kansas City Renaissance Faire. I wouldn't know until Sunday that she had actually died from painkiller overdose, she had gotten addicted to pain medication.

By then the Yakitori (Chicken Skewers in a surprisingly sweet teriyaki sauce) and Fish Tempura had arrived. I watched the sushi chef take ten minutes to hone his filet knife, I marveled at how well he seemed to be performing his craft. It was better than walking three miles to a sports bar and finding it to be closed, which happened on Sunday. I eventually ate a fairly good steak and cheese pizza and muttered how badly Showtime's original shows were. Did remember to spend time taking a shower and feeling relieved, but still only had the shirt and pants off my back, a shirt that was too warm and pants that was too big.

Monday came and a work associate took me to request the keys at a local dealership. Then had to drive back to the car to get the title and then go back to the dealership only to be told they wouldn't be done until 1:30pm. So I paid for the guy's lunch and we talked about many things. One thing struck at me that he had said how he didn't feel confident at the way management at work fired the competent supervisors, trainers, and kept the mediocre ones.

I thought about this some more watching the only guy that I felt confident wasn't mediocre, the sushi chef as he made multiple large orders of sushi. Up to this point, I had seen the impact of mediocrity from my decision of where to keep my original keys on me before I lost them to the way my employers wants to motivate people. I wondered about the choices my family made regarding how to react to my cousin's death. I've seen them humblebrag about their career and love choices and how good God is to them failing to notice someone needed help, and need help badly.

How much do we accept mediocrity and reject the better? It reminds me of an adage that the enemy of the best is the good. I wondered how much we accept good food as being mediocre like the lunch I had with my co-worker, an upscale Chipotle knock-off that you had to douse your food with salsa because it wasn't salted. Why do I eat at McDonald's too often? It was then I realized how understated were the tempura. The green tea I had was also muted, it was more like drinking hot water than green tea.

I ordered another Green Tea, watched the sushi chef prepare more ikura and unagi rolls, marveled at his work and thought about what I had experienced this weekend. It was time to move towards another weekend.

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Re: Mediocrity

Post by Arres » Wed Feb 27, 2013 6:19 pm

Clearly you had an interesting and introspective weekend. Although, I am drawn to point out that the adage you speak of is "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good". Meaning, despite that your Chipotle knock off burrito wasn't perfect (needed salt), was it good? Don't treat it as mediocre or bad because it wasn't perfect. Seeking perfection can prevent you from achieving happiness with what is good.
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