The 2013 Baseball Thread

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Re: The 2013 Baseball Thread

Post by The Cid » Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:22 pm

A few thoughts now that I've had almost 36 hours.


-No, okay, let me get a hold of mys-WOOOOOOOOOO!!! YEAH BABY! ...Okay, okay, I think I'm good.

-The headlines of the Boston Glove this morning were still about the Red Sox. This is what I mean when I say very few places care about baseball this much.

-Tomorrow the parade will take place. It will roll right on through the Boston Marathon's finish line. Someone's going to be chopping onions in the room with me when I watch that tomorrow. Here's a photo of some fans Wednesday night celebrating on Boylston.

-I swear John Henry's life these days is unfolding like one of The Brain's plans to take over the world. "First I shall purchase the Boston Red Sox. Then I will expand my sports empire by buying a NASCAR team and an English soccer team. Then, after I purchase the Boston Globe and my teams begin to win, people will bow to me as their leader!" You can have your Jerry Joneses, your Mark Cubans, and your Steinbrenners: Rich guys who want to be loved and want their teams to win. But there's "eccentric," and there's "the kind of guy Roger Moore-era James Bond would fight."

-Tuesday is Boston's mayoral election. Which means that in the course of one week, the Red Sox will have won the World Series and a man not named Thomas Menino will win an election as the mayor of Boston. This is a good week for me. I'm enjoying it.
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Re: The 2013 Baseball Thread

Post by ampersand » Fri Nov 01, 2013 4:01 pm

Then they unveil the Bill Russell statue on Wednesday. With Russell in attendance.

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