Interest Check: Survival Horror 2 (now with more violence)

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Re: Interest Check: Survival Horror 2 (now with more violence)

Post by Jakethepeg » Tue Dec 04, 2007 6:23 pm

Ok, I'll try my hand at this...

Peter Gordon
Age: 20
Height: 5'11
Weight: 14 stone
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown, Short, messed up
Clothing: Button up white shirt, plain white t-shirt under that, light blue jeans, black socks and white converse.
Pockets: 3x$20, 1x$5, ID, and two pens.
Body type: Broad shouldered, sort of bulky, but nothing extraordinary.

Bio: Peter woke up screaming. Nightmares again, for the hundredth time. He had gotten used to them, but still couldn't quite get over the screaming. He walked out of his small apartment and just walked to his job. It wasn't bad, just not exiciting.
Most people take staplers or paper or something else from the office. Peter took pens. He knew that a pen could help him in some way or another. Peter walked home after work, knowing that he would have to endure the same terrors as he had for the last few years. He went to sleep, with out taking off his clothes.
He has a bit of skill at boxing, but nothing fantastic.

Preffered starting place: Waking up screaming in his apartment, thinking he's still in one of his nightmares.
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