ONLY WAR: The Forgotten World (Interest and sign up)

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ONLY WAR: The Forgotten World (Interest and sign up)

Post by HeOnceWasEihger » Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:46 pm


Deep within the Imperium of man is a world untouched since the Age of Strife that ravaged the galaxy and ended the way of life for all races for those harsh and terrible 10,000 years. Long after the Great Crusade and Horus heresy a single world has been isolated, left to develop and establish themselves. They have done well, developing technology that mirrored the progression of man, They have recently unlocked the secrets of radio waves and internal combustion. The world does not know it is at the heart of something much greater.

Only very few members of the Imperium know of this planets existence. Fewer still dare to observe this world in fear or ruining their delicate experiment. Though all has not been well. For as the people live on unaware, the galaxy has not forgotten it. In one culture a strong organized crime influence set over many industrial cities in response to certain cultural movements. One of these criminal gangs has shown signs of the horrible and implacable corrupting force of Chaos. Were this to spread the unwitting planet would fall to the charms of the Great Destroyer and usher in a new era of horror for the Imperium.

Not willing to let this happen, and not willing to let this experiment end just yet, the Inquisition has ordered a team of highly trained Guardsmen to infiltrate the planet rout out the cult before it spreads and return, as if they never were there at all. But can the Imperium triumph? Can the world remain ignorant of its existence in the galaxy? What will the record of history tell about this Forgotten world?

This is a campaign that uses the Fantasy Flight games ONLY WAR rules. Its set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but it is going to be accessible even to people still new to the setting or just like some good ole fashion GRIMDARK scifi.

Its based on a planet that is set in a time period comparable to 1920s-1930s prohibition era. The players are to investigate and eradicate chaos from the planet. The mission objectives are simple.
Rout out chaos
Don't be detected
Leave the planet

How the team goes about this is entirely up to them. They can choose to merge into the populace and take matters into their own hands that way. Become stealthy ghost that strike quickly and vanish into the mists. Drop all subtlety and use their war machines of the Imperium to crush all opposition. The world is their oyster to do with as they wish. So long as the three main objectives are made.

This is an open ended campaign with high amounts of social iteration, detective work, and or combat. Teamwork is key in only war. For a bullet can kill a player as easily as it can kill and NPC, you need to be clever and or simply lucky.

As I said before this is set in the 40k universe, though not much knowledge of the universe is required its helpful. If you want to learn or brush up Lexicanum is a great link.

I am looking for 5-10 players for this campaign. We can keep this on the forums, or move it off sight (preferable) so long as everyone is capable of meeting at least once a week.

If you are familiar with FFG rules and play styles by all means ask for a character sheet and I'll get you one. If you aren't familiar I can run a quick little crash course over the rules and everyone can get access to the core rulebook.

So don't hesistate, sign up. Have a character in mind and as always:

The Emperor Protects.


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